ZBVI's Doug Banks Show

What is this new program?
A weekly, afternoon, drive time countdown of the hottest hits from the Adult Contemporary Play List. Broadcast from 3 - 5pm on Fridays, it heralds the beginning of the weekend.

Who is Doug Banks?
Doug Banks is a top American D.J. Billboard’s award winning R & B Personality of the year. Famous for his unique humor and high energy style.

What are the advantages for the sponsors?
The chance to reach listeners either on their way home from work, or preparing for the weekend.The chance to advertise and reach customers at prime time on the back of what is already proving to be the hottest program in the Virgin Islands.

What are the costs/options?
ZBVI is offering a comprehensive sponsorship package for the Doug Banks Program, at a cost of $165.oo per month. The show is being sold on a once-per month basis, and each client is encouraged to sign up for a full quarter (3 months), choosing the specific weekend per month he wants to sponsor.
(To sign-up, month by month, with same benefits, costs $180.00 per month).

Monthly value for money
• Mention in 8 promo spots during the week of the program
the client is sponsoring
• 7 ads (one per top of break) during the program
the client is sponsoring
• Specific mention as that week’s program sponsor
at top and bottom of program
• and 16 bonus spots to run throughout the entire month,
at client’s discretion
3-Month Summary
At least once per month (for three months), enjoy the benefits of being heard by ZBVI’s loyal audience during the Doug Banks Program with 21 sponsor spots; plus 24 promo spots; and 45 Bonus spots, for $495.00 (for three months).

An unbeatable deal for total exposure, all month, for your business
ZBVI 780 is the AM Advantage

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